Essential Tenets and Reformed Distinctives

Essential Tenets and Reformed Distinctives
Dear Friends,
The following information and attached document is in support of a Committee on Ministry motion that will be offered at the November 5th Stated Meeting to be held in Columbia.  We are sending this to you now because of its importance to the Presbytery, it’s length and doctrinal depth.  We believe it needs the full consideration that we can afford it.
It will appear again on the call to meeting that will be sent to you on October 26th.
Keith Drury

From the Committee on Ministry

Dear Fellow-Presbyters,
For many years we Presbyterians have been pleased to affirm our adherence to “the essential tenets of the Reformed faith,” and although we have never defined them, there has been broad agreement as to what they are.  In recent years, however, consensus has been undermined to the point that there is confusion about what are essentials of Reformed faith and polity and about what we understand the teaching of Scripture and the Confessions to be on important topics.Therefore we propose the attached document as a resource for our Presbytery.  We believe it will help us to be faithful, that it will be valuable to our CPM and COM, and that it will help us as a Presbytery to have open and consistent discussions with candidates for ministry and membership.We direct your attention to the opening pages which describe the need, the use, and the nature of this document.  It is a guide for reflection and discussion.  It is amendable and improvable.  It is intended to provide clarity to our convictions as Stockton Presbytery — for as Christians we do not believe anything, we believe something, and we ought to be able to say what that something is.Yours, in the One in Whom we believe,
The Committee on Ministry