Acts 16: 5 Resource

Acts 16: 5 Resource

A Great Suggestion from our Grace Presbyterian Church in Lodi:

Acts 16:5 A Resource for Churches


Vision Team: Personal Growth
* Awakened a high expectation of what God will do
* Renewed faith commitment
* Have a regular devotional life
* Pray for individual as well as whole team members
* Sought through pray a select few to disciple
* Strive to be encouragers/appreciators
* Selected and focused on 1 or 2 defining Practices in Ministry

With Congregation in General
* Introduced and trained Session, Deacons and staff on Acts 16:5
* Obtained Session approval for Acts 16:5
* Developed and obtained Session and congregation approval of a revised Defining Vision
* Implemented the Vision statement in literature, bulletins, and with congregation
* Implemented Word-Share-Prayer in most church committees
* Use the Halverson Benediction for closing worship
* Had one Celebration Event and have planned 2 more within the next 3-4 months
* During Lent had an Encouragement Activity
* During Lent had a Thank You activity
* Shared the first quarterly meal as a Vision Team
* Assessed the membership participation in small groups and identified potential members for participation

* Plan 2 celebratory event: all church picnic and block party for neighborhood
* Plan study day this summer for session to discuss TWELVE DYNAMIC SHIFTS
* Review plan for incorporating new members into church life
* Decide first primary focus out of: Grow 50% of congregation to have active devotional life, develop small groups with 50% participation, teach the 4 Ss’(no secrets, no surprises, no subversion and lots of support) or show hospitality and people eyes