Season of Peace

Season of Peace

“For everything there is a season….”

From Presbyterian Mission Agency to Stockton Presbytery

Like our other seasons, the Season of Peace is a time to focus our attention and sharpen our awareness.  It is a time to equip ourselves with study and prayer and to respond in word and deed.  It is a time to do and to be – to do the things that make for peace and to be the kind of people who promote peace.   Like other seasons, when the Season of Peace comes around, we’re ready for it!Five years ago the Presbyterian Church (USA) introduced A Season of Peace, a set-apart time during the four weeks preceding World Communion Sunday to focus on peace.  These four weeks include several significant dates already on the calendar.  September 11, which has its 15thcommemoration this year, is on a Sunday.  Wednesday, September 21 is the International Day of Peace and Thursday, September 22 launches the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence.  The Season culminates on October 2 with World Communion Sunday.

The theme for this year’s Season of Peace and for World Communion Sunday is Come to the Table of Peace.  In Psalm 78:19, the Psalmist, asks the question “can God spread a table in the wilderness?”  Presbytery of Stockton let us answer with a resounding “YES!  God can and God does spread a table, even in our wilderness.”  There are 4 weeks in this season. Let us set aside each week for exploring, proclaiming, teaching, witnessing and working towards: PEACE, JUSTICE, RECONCILIATION AND TRANSFORMATION..

The Presbyterian Mission Agency makes this easy for each of us by providing the resources available for the 2016 Season of Peace,September 4 – October 2:

·         Path of Peace Daily Reflections – available for download or delivery by subscription to your inbox

·         Peace Cards – 30 cards for daily use at home and with children

·         “The Things That Make for Peace” Adult Bible Study – a five session study for adults

·         “Lessons from the Table” Children’s Lesson Plan – a new five session curriculum for use with children

·         Intergenerational Peace Fair – a plan for an all-church event focused on peacemaking

·         9-11 Commemoration resources – liturgy and prayers for use on Sunday, September 11, the 15th anniversary of 9-11

·         World Communion Sunday worship resources – lectionary-based liturgy created for this year’s theme “Come to the Table of Peace”

The peace and presence of Christ IS with you and with may we witness this to our world.

This is information from Clover Bailey, our Presbytery Mission Advocate. Please let her know how she can support and/or resource you.   Clover Bailey