Gus and Ali Wright Heading to Fort Collins CO

After nearly seven years at First Pres Stockton, Pastor Gus Wright and his wife Ali, along with their two little ones, are heading a bit east – to be nearer to Ali’s parents and to utilize her MSW in a new position there. Gus would love to have our prayer support for the goodbyes, the […]

Welcome Presbytery Coordinator (Rev) Bill McGuinness

I began among you early in August and am still finding my way around the territory, the files, the contacts, the policies et al with the help of Stated Clerk Nancy, Treasurer Jim, the Finance Committee and the eight local church Pastors I’ve met with so far over coffee or a meal. The week of […]

Here’s a great tool for deepening the self-understanding of our individual congregations. Presbytery-wide pricing and NO CHARGE consulting may soon be available for your congregation !  Spend some time on the website and consider the possibilities.  

General Assembly Update for Thursday (From Rev. Wendy Warner)

I realize, dear friends, that I have failed to tell you of the theme of this General Assembly, and that is “Abounding in Hope”.  This theme of HOPE is being played out in so many ways, even in the midst of decisions which will bring joy to some and distress to others.   You have, by […]

General Assembly Update for Wednesday (from Rev. Nancy Clegg, Stated Clerk)

The committees have completed their work.  The business of the General Assembly Plenary has begun.  And for the first time a consent agenda has been voted; based upon recommendations from committees with a super majority (75%) approval.  Over 130 items of business were approved with a single vote!  Our commissioners have been working hard in their committees, and now […]

General Assembly Update for Tuesday (from Emmett Kennedy, YAD)

On Tuesday my roommate and I had to struggle to find our own breakfast, since there wasn’t a group breakfast that day we could so easily attend. After dining on a hearty fast food breakfast we had proceeded to our committee meeting. Though our meeting was at 9:30 am we were still extremely exhausted due […]

General Assembly Update for Monday (from Rev. Nancy Clegg, Stated Clerk)

General Assembly News from the Stated Clerk When I go on a retreat it is usually a two-night, two-day event; a speaker, 20-40 people, lodging and shared meals.  When I attend a conference it may extend to three nights and three days; several speakers, workshops, 50-100 (sometimes more) attendees, lodging and shared meals.  When the General Assembly […]

General Assembly Update for Sunday (from Rev. Wendy Warner)

Sunday eve from Wendy Warner: General Assembly is exhausting! I know this because I have been before, but I seem to forget how much energy is consumed each day.  It is physically draining as each day is crammed  with activity, sometimes with many choices to be made! But before my report on the day, a […]

General Assembly Update for Saturday (from Rev. Wendy Warner)

Sorry this is out order, but this was our first day at General Assembly! Saturday, June 14 Most folks arrived in Detroit on Fri if they did not have pre-assembly meetings to attend.   I was well rested on Sat morning and arrived at the Exhibit Hall (a favorite haunt of mine) to greet friends and […]