Facts and Figures You Can Use

Here are some important facts about our life together in the Presbytery of Stockton.

2017 Per Capita

Presbytery per capita= $8.28

Synod per capita = $5.22

GA per capita = $7.50

Total per capita = $21.00

Clergy Minimum Salaries

The Presbytery total effective salary minimum for a full-time position in 2017 is
$50,781 for less than five (5) years experience, and $51,800 for more than five (5) years
experience. This Presbytery understands a full-time position to be 50 hours/week.

Auto Allowance = $2,200

IRS reimbursement rate for 2017 is $0.535/mile

See here for IRS Mileage Rates

Continuing Education = $1,000

Pension = 11% of effective salary

Death and Disability = 1% of effective salary

Medical (Pastor only) = 23% of effective salary

Medical (family) = 1.5% of effective salary (this is optional this year, and can be paid by the pastor, or the church, or shared expense)

Board of Pensions web site